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Here are 100 examples, and the use of sprouts in the treatment of various ailments:

based on Polish and American literature

1. Aphony - Cabbage juice with a little honey to eat and wash. Consume salad with cabbage and beetroot.

2. Alcoholism (means of drug abuse) - Consuming raw or stewed cabbage and fresh juice runs antidotally.

3. Anemia - One or two cups a day of juice from raw cabbage.

4. Angina - Cabbage leaves as a poultice on the neck at night relieve pain and help to detoxify the body through the excretion of toxins. Gargling with cabbage juice purifying, healing and cicatrising.

5. Asthenia, fatigue, general weakness - drink 2 glasses of juice a day. Use the correct sets of rules for food products. Avoid frustration and improper metabolism.

Kapusta LK

Cabbage probably derives from the Mediterranean and was known for over 2500 years BC. Unusually, the Romans used the healing properties of cabbage,they considered it a panacea for all diseases. From the sixteenth century, thanks to Queen Bona, cabbage appeared on Polish tables. In ancient times cabbage erected Temples. Today it has its ownfestivals in Germany and Poland- in Charsznica, where every year on the second Sunday of September, are celebrated Charsznickie Days of Cabbage. Cabbage is rich in various vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, free amino acids, carotenoids, anthocyanins. Cabbage is low in calories 100 g / 40 kcal, and the juice of sauerkraut 100 g / 12 kcal:

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In 2013, the founder of the Brassica company and brand - Grzegorz Raczkiewicz, invented, designed and introduced to the market a revolutionary packaging with a valve for sauerkraut, thanks to which you can buy sauerkraut without chemicals - having all the health and taste qualities.

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