Kapusta L

Here are 100 examples, and the use of sprouts in the treatment of various ailments:

based on Polish and American literature

1. Aphony - Cabbage juice with a little honey to eat and wash. Consume salad with cabbage and beetroot.

2. Alcoholism (means of drug abuse) - Consuming raw or stewed cabbage and fresh juice runs antidotally.

3. Anemia - One or two cups a day of juice from raw cabbage.

4. Angina - Cabbage leaves as a poultice on the neck at night relieve pain and help to detoxify the body through the excretion of toxins. Gargling with cabbage juice purifying, healing and cicatrising.

5. Asthenia, fatigue, general weakness - drink 2 glasses of juice a day. Use the correct sets of rules for food products. Avoid frustration and improper metabolism.

6. Asthma, bronchitis -3-4 cabbage leaves as a poultice on the chest and neck at the base of the lungs or on the shoulder, according to the location of pain. Leave for 3-4 hours, then the whole night. For chronic bronchitis to mix it: a decoction of 60 g of cabbage boiled in 0.5 liters of water an hour. At the end of cooking, add 60 g of honey. Drink 2 glasses of juice a day.

7. Insomnia- At night put three leaves on the neck and sometimes on feet.

8. Diarrhea - Use the clock cabbage wraps belly. Consume cabbage cooked long and sip broth.

9. Headache (severe and persistent)- Apply two leaves to the forehead and neck 3 leaves for 4 hours or overnight. Apply a letter to the surrounding liver.

10. Bronchit - Proceed as in asthma

11. Lumbar pain - Apply 3 layers of leaves for 4 hours. Continue until pain relief.

12. Rheumatic pain, muscle pain, gout dna - Applying cabbage leaves, drink the juice.

13. Stomach aches, intestinal - (like point no 8).

14. Heart diseases - Applying local foliage reduces congestion and normalizes blood circulation. 3 Leave the leaves in a few hours. It is adjunctive therapy.

15. Boil, abscess, anthrax - Applying raw leaves of 2-4 hours or overnight, until the elimination of suppuration. Drink fresh juice and eat raw or stewed cabbage.

16. Diabetes mellitus - Drink 2 glasses of juice a day. Consume onions. Use geranium leaves.

17. Dermatosis, skin disease - (look lichens, eczema, herpes)

18. Gout - arthritis - (look rheumatic pains).

19. Eczema - Apply poultice of cabbage by one month, one hour a day. If the eczema is dry, use a previously oiled every leaf. Eat raw cabbage and stewed. Drink fresh juice.

20. Gangrene - (look wounds, necrosis).

21. Deafness - Instill the ears of a blend of juices from cabbage (50%) and lemons.

22. Tuberculosis, pleurisy – The delicate operation of a cabbage leaf is very advantageous. 3-4 leaves applied to place onerous for the whole night. Drink to two glasses of fresh cabbage juice a day.

23. Flu - Drink up to 3 cups of juice a day. Drink also dilute essential oils (lavender, pine).

24. Hemorrhoids - Use herbs. Insert to vent the list in the form of a suppository for 4 hours in the night.

25. Jelita (nieżyt lub zapalenie albo infekcja) - Drink juice. Eat in the morning 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut.

26. Urinary stones – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

27. Runny Nose - Use 1 teaspoon of syrup 3-4 times a day to brew against cough. The composition of the syrup: 500 g red cabbage juice,
5 g of saffron, 250 g of honey. Bring to a boil.

28. Hay fever, seasonal allergic rhinitis - (look asthma).

29. Rickets – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

30. Larynx (inflammation) - (look aphony and runny nose).

31. Impetigo – Drink juice.

32. Seborrhea – Drink juice.

33. Necrosis – Applying leaves.

34. Face mask - Applying foliage enlivens the body and absorbs impurities. Applying the cabbage in half an hour regenerates and cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation, absorbs the fat clusters from the subcutaneous tissue. Similarly it operates peach, strawberry, cucumber.

35. Migraine - Apply 2-3 coats of leaves on the aching place, and the liver or the lower abdomen depending on the source of migraine.

36. Nervousness – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

37. Neuralgia (dental, facial, rheumatic, sciatica) - Applying leaves on a course of painful nerve pain gradually calms down. Leaves no heat. Three layers of leaves applied for 4 hours at the end of the day or night.

38. The legs (pain), varicose veins, arteritis - Poultice of the leaves reduce congestion. This also applies to heavy legs, cyanosis of the skin. On the night applied three layers of leaves on the surface more than covered by the complaint. Cover with cotton wool. Lightly bandage. It activates blood circulation, revives tissue, cleanses the capillaries of impure substances.

39. Swelling - Drink 1-2 glasses of juice a day.

40. Eyes (sore, watery, red)- Enter your eye a few drops of fresh juice at bedtime. You can also flush eyes infusion of camomile, cornflower, cornflower petals of a rose, salted water (1 teaspoon of sea salt per 500 g of water), lemon (1 drop in each eye 2-3 per day).

41. Frostbite with bubbles – Applying leaves.

42. Burns- As soon as you put the leaves well crushed. It relieves and soothes boules. On first- degree burns can be applied boiled potato peelings or grated carrots. In the case of burns II-III level should be decided by the physician.

43. Herpes skin - Applying the list for the night and wash in the morning juice. Often you need a doctor's consultation.

44. Venous ulcers shin - Registered types of ulcers is at least 34. Cabbage is here sniper treatment. Applying leaves at 4 hours per day or at night usually ends up healing of wounds.

45. Gallbladder - Apply overnight 3 leaves the upper part of the stomach, if necessary also during the day.

46. Vesicle bladder (inflammation)- Ditto on the lower abdomen and groin.

47. Shingles - Leaves relieve pain. Use 3-4 times daily after 4 hours. On the shingles blisters essential oils to help you better. Shingles in the initial phase to cure for several days.

48. Prostate - Applying every other evening leaves on the lower abdomen and groin days off for the whole day.

49. Brain congestion, sunstroke -Applying 2-3 leaves on the head and neck every 4 hours with a break of 2-3 hours.

50. Wounds usual, not healing that draw impurities, initiate beneficial processes abscess - Then you should clean the wound with oil and blackened blood. Rinse with boiling water (one glass) with sea salt (1 teaspoon). Change the bandages until the complete healing for wounds. At the beginning of the change pack of cabbage at 2 hours, then every 4 hours. The bandage evening created for the whole night, if the case is not dangerous. Otherwise, to change the bandage frequently and purified wound. If necessary, make a pad leaves the lower abdomen overnight. You can also be administered through garlic, cabbage seeds, pumpkin ordinary.

52. Abscess - Applying the leaves and drink the juice to 2 cups per day.

53. Cracked skin- Topically applied leaves soaked in sunflower oil or olive.

54. Sinusistis, rhinitis, runny nose - This is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. Apply 3 layers of leaves. Morning and evening to let the half a teaspoon of juice into the nostrils. Use inhalations of a mixture of essential oils of pine needles, thyme, lavender and eucalyptus, giving 20 drops to a bowl of hot water.

55. Contusion, concussion – Applying leaves.

56. Depression - Drink two glasses of juice every day.

57. Skin ailments - In order to facilitate regeneration ofskin and expulsion of dead skin attaches to the leaves and drinking fresh juice.

58. Hearing (Hardness)- (look deafness).

59. Oliguria – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

60. Insect bite - Quickly rub the leaf and make a bandage of leaves. Shall also apply: leek, onion, garlic, sage, lavender, parsley and other essential oils.

61. Scurvy - Drink two glasses of juice per day. Eat salads.

62. Impaired digestion – Eat 2-3 tablespoons of sauerkraut per day.

63. The loss of mineral salts, decalcification – Drink juice.

64. Stomach ulcer - Drink between meals 2 glasses of juice from fresh cabbage. You can also drink a decoction of potato peelings or licorice.

65. Arterial blood pressure - Applying a letter to the calf, lumbar belt, neck 2-3 hours or overnight.

66. Veins- (see legs).

67. varicose veins - (as above)

68. Strut - (look point no. 5)

69. Acne - Applying the leaves and drink juice.

70. Artery (inflammation)- Apply 3-4 leaves as a poultice for the night. It relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

71. Lymph nodes (scorching heat)- Applying leaves calms the pain and helps remove toxins.

72. Gout – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

73. Gouty diathesis – Drink two glasses of juice every day.

74. Liver (hard) - Applying leaves, which reduce congestion. This works calming, soothing and analgesic pain ailments of the liver in cases of gallbladder and liver failure. Applying a layer with three leaves either one day every four hours, or overnight. For treating liver herbs include: black radish, artichoke leaves, goldenrod common, milk thistle, dandelion root, root traveler (an ingredient in medicines Herbapol. Syllmaroi and Fitolizyna).

75. The ability of normal metabolism, rejuvenation – Drink juice, eat salad and sauerkraut.

76. The ability to correct, painless menstruation - Applying a letter to the lower abdomen for 2-3 hours.

77. The ability to maintain normal kidney function - Kidney ailments is 25 kinds, such as renal colic, urinary retention, building stones, inflammation of various kinds. Applying leaves in 4 hours and overnight in the kidneys and bladder.

78. Metritis - Apply leaves to the lower abdomen, which reduces congestion in the pelvic belt.
Consult a doctor.

79. Lymphangitis – Use the leaves.

80. Sinusitis in a low or high atmospheric pressure - Apply 2 leaves for 4 hours or overnight.
Morning and evening to enter into the nostrils 1/2 teaspoon fresh juice. Use inhalations with essential oils.

81. Frontal sinusitis - (like point no. 80)

82. Inflammation of the maxillary- (like point no. 80)

83. Sphenoid sinus inflammation - (like point no. 80)

84. Ethmoid sinus inflammation - (like point no. 80)

85. Colitis - Apply 3-4 leaves at night on the abdomen. Drink 1-2 glasses of juice a day between meals.
After a month, take a break. It is also recommended use of essential oils and pollen. Also preferred is a blueberry juice.

86. Conjunctivitis - (look eyes).

87. Constipation - Drink water from boiled cabbage 2-4 cups per day.

88. Hepatic colic, biliary colic - Applied to space pained list. All other leaves are of plant origin.

89. Cirrhosis - Drink the juice of fresh cabbage and clay.

90. Inflammation of the capillary – Drink one glass of juice every day.

91. Blepharitis - (look eyes).

92. Dislocations – Apply in the morning and evening 3 leaves, cover with cotton wool and bandage gently. This favors the outflow of exudate from the damaged limb. Reduces congestion.

93. Stomach – Drink 2-3 glasses of juice per day.

94. Bad condition of the nervous system - Take twice weekly baths with mashed in a mixer cabbages and the infusion with 100 g of peppermint + 1/2 kg of baker's yeast.

95. General fatigue - Prepare in a blender cocktail with juice cabbage, lemon, parsley and apples, add a pinch of spice digestive and drink once a day.

96. Chronic gastric catarrh – Apply juice of raw cabbage with a few drops of lemon. Drink for a week half a glass a day.

97. Arthritis - Drink the juice. Eat cabbage stewed with sunflower oil to the addition of a pinch of cumin, do the night wraps with fresh cabbage leaves

98. Bronchitis, cough - Use the juice of cabbage juice with black velcro and a few drops of lemon juice, sweetened with sugar and honey.

99. Alcoholic blackout – Drink juice of sauerkraut.

100. Nervous system ailments – Drink juice of cabbage.

Text comes from the book: “CHARSZNICA kapuściana stolica Polski”


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