Charsznicka Sauerkraut Brassica

„(...) If it starts with you some sort of illness, cabbage cure all
- It will cure headaches and eye and completely heal you (...)”
                                                                  Marcus Porcius Cato (234 - 149 b.c.e.)


Truly healthy and the tastiest in the world!

  • Valve - thanks to it WITHOUT CHEMISTRY

    Valve - thanks to it without chemicals.

    As a result of maturing, natural sauerkraut releases associated gases for up to 3 years. These processes take place thanks to probiotic and health bacteria living in sauerkraut, which have regenerative properties for the human immune system. Gases accumulating inside the sealed package would inevitably cause it to explode. Therefore, until recently, in order to pack fresh sauerkraut into a sealed bag, you had to stop the fermentation process (preserve), i.e. kill the bacteria that create the natural health-promoting microflora living in the sauerkraut by adding chemicals or pasteurizing or heating ... - it has finally changed. Thanks to the use of our proprietary, dedicated, ventilated packaging, we can now pack fresh sauerkraut without adding any harmful chemicals or heating or pasteurizing it, and take full advantage of the health properties of sauerkraut..

  • Hand packed


    Hand-packed product guarantees the highest quality of the product. The ensiled long threads of cabbage are not torn apart and visual and organoleptic control of the product is carried out throughout the packaging. The machine packing of sauerkraut is associated with shredding (grinding), i.e. breaking threads of sauerkraut, the length of which can be up to 30 cm. Tearing causes air or aggressive juice to get inside the structure of the pickled cabbage thread, which causes rapid deterioration of the product, loss of firmness, crunchiness, deterioration of quality and taste.

  • Unpasteurized, healthy and fresh

    Unpasteurized, unheated, no chemical additives

    Natural, fresh sauerkraut without added preservatives or antioxidants

    Growing under constant control

    We control crops, purchase of seeds, fertilization, plant protection products. Our products are GMO free. There are no residues of fertilizers and sprays in them, so you can take full advantage of their health properties, undisturbed by the presence of harmful substances.
  • Original packaging

    Original innovative packaging

    In 2013, the founder of the company and the Brassica brand - Grzegorz Raczkiewicz, invented, designed and introduced to the market A novelty, a revolutionary standing packaging for sauerkraut with a valve and practical zipper closure.

    Reserved industrial designs

    Community industrial designs of packaging reserved in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET under the numbers: No 002421495-0001 on 10 03 2014.

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Practical, original, innovative packaging


Thanks to it, there is no need to stop the fermentation process, i.e. add chemicals or pasteurization or heating.


The transparent window allows you to visually assess the content before buying.


In 2013, we created and introduced to the market NEW - original packaging for sauerkraut. Reserved on 10/03/2014.

6 Steps 2 A Longer Life


Manual packing does not tear the long pickled cabbage threads, which allows you to keep crispness, taste and the highest quality


Zip closure enables multiple opening and closing of the standing packaging.


Traditional Product from Małopolska, entered on the list of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Once you try Charsznicka cabbage, you always buy it!

  • 04, Nov
    The history of Charsznicka cabbage
    History of cabbage from Charsznica   Traditional way of pickling cabbage Cabbage for many years was willingly consumed in manors
  • 04, Nov
    Treatment with cabbage
    Here are 100 examples, and the use of sprouts in the treatment of various ailments: based on Polish and American
  • 04, Nov
    Properties of cabbage
    Cabbage probably derives from the Mediterranean and was known for over 2500 years BC. Unusually, the Romans used the healing properties
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Our products:

Products we produce

Charsznicka sauerkraut 1 kg

Collective packaging: plastic boxes of 12 pieces or cartons of 6 pieces.

Products we produce

Charsznicka sauerkraut 0,5 kg

Collective packaging: plastic boxes of 20 pieces or cartons of 10 pieces.

Products we produce

Charsznicka sauerkraut juice 300 ml

Bulka Twist. A foil packet of 10 pieces.

Products we produce

Traditional pickled cucumbers 0,7 kg

Traditional pickled cucumbers. Collective packaging: plastic boxes 20 pcs or cardboard boxes 10 pcs.

Products we produce

Pickled chili cucumbers 0,7 kg

Pickled cucumbers with the addition of chilli peppers. Collective packaging: plastic boxes 20 pcs or cardboard boxes 10 pcs.

and other

in preparation

A very old recipe for a perfect classic bigos

   Can be stored for a long time

   Preparation time 2 days

   For the entire family


You need to be prepared for a larger amount, as it includes a lot of meat, such as venison, hare meat, wild boar, pork, roast beef, poultry, wild birds, marinated ham. The more types of meat, the more delicious the bigos. The sausages are not suitable at all, and the smoked meats are raw. The remaining ones should be stewed (with species separately) in spices and roots on the bacon, adding onion


Boil 4 kilos of sauerkraut until tender with a handful of dried mushrooms. Add the loose flesh to the cabbage along with the sauce, a handful of pitted prunes and a few juniper seeds. Simmer until it blows up. Pour a glass of Madeira and season with 2 tablespoons of flour, fried with bacon. Cool down. Cook the next day. It can be stored for a very long time. Then, if necessary, reheat and serve for breakfast or dinner after the soup

Hunting bigos

Sauerkraut - kapusta kiszona

Kiszona or Kwaszona?

"Both the names "kiszona" and "kwaszona" are correct. The term pickled is historically the participle of the verb kisić pickle, and sour comes from sour. Historically earlier is the verb kwić (proto-Slavic kvasiti) 'to cause fermentation', while the verbs kisić kisicie is a West Slavic innovation. They have been attested in Polish since the 15th century. They have a common origin and the following meaning relationship: to acidify is to make something bleed, to choke."

— Krystyna Długosz-Kurczabowa, University of Warsaw



"Part of Poland is "kisi", part of Poland is "kwasi", some are about pickled cucumbers, some about pickled cucumbers. It is like the whole of Poland says that it is beautiful outside, for example, and the inhabitants of Małopolska traditionally speak in the field. Watching something is rather a national variant, and watching it as well, but the preference for watching also occurs in Małopolska. Souring and pickling are similar - different regions say differently. I am talking only about pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut, but I know that some people are talking about pickled cucumbers, and I cannot complain about it, because it is an allowed form. For example, while pulling the weeds, I will say that I was chaffing the garden, but there are people (in Mazovia, in the north of Poland) who rather weed. Weeding, weeding, pickled and pickled are always lexical variants that mean the same thing."

— Prof. Jan Miodek

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about us, a short story

As early as 8 years ago, Brassica ® , as the first company in the world, launched an innovative, dedicated packaging for sauerkraut created by the company's founder Grzegorz Raczkiewicz. re-closing and opening, we offer you natural, unpasteurized, the most delicious fresh sauerkraut, with exceptional taste and health benefits. Without chemical additives that change the taste, they destroy the natural microflora, properties and vitamins contained in sauerkraut. Coming from the cabbage capital of Poland - the municipality of Charsznica in Małopolska. It has been produced by a traditional method for centuries. Entered on the list of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.



International Food and Beverage Fair WORLDFOOD WARSAW 2014

Organic Food

Truly healthy food!
Natural, healthy products without chemicals.

In 2013, the founder of the Brassica company and brand - Grzegorz Raczkiewicz, invented, designed and introduced to the market a revolutionary packaging with a valve for sauerkraut, thanks to which you can buy sauerkraut without chemicals - having all the health and taste qualities.


We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified

Office For Harmonization
In The Internal Market
No 002421495-0001 on 10.03.2014.


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