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When you try Charsznicka Cabbage once,
You will always buy it!

We offer natural, unpasteurized, fresh sauerkraut from the Polish cabbage capital-Charsznica Municipality in Malopolska. Our Sauerkrautin comes in an innovative bag with no chemical additives, that could alter the taste, destroy natural micro biota and diminish the medicinal properties and vitamin level of the sauerkraut. Produced for centuries using the same traditional methods it is probably the world’s tastiest sauerkraut with amazing healing properties. It is listed by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Traditional Product. More...

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„(...) If it starts with you some sort of illness, cabbage cure all
- It will cure headaches and eye and completely heal you (...)”
Marek Porcjusz Katon (234 - 149 p.n.e.)


Award for our company for the product Charsznicka Sauerkraut
On International Fair of Food and Beverages

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OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET: No 002421495-0001, No 002421495-0002, 10 03 2014.

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Health from nature,
no chemical additives
no antioxidants


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Award 2013

It is listed by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Traditional Product.