Traditional product

Traditional product of Lesser Poland Voivodeship: Charsznicka Sauerkraut.

Included on the list of traditional products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on November 28th 2006.


Characteristics of regional product:

  • Appearance:
    Sauerkraut is elongated filaments caused by cutting (slicing) the sprouts were sectioned with a thickness of approx. 0.8 mm.
  • Inherent sauerkraut cabbage acid is a color close to creamy-yellow, where cabbage is submerged.
  • Shape:
    Sections resemble strands of irregular shape.
  • Size:
    The cross-section of sections - approx. 0.8 mm, length of sections - to approx. 30 cm.
  • Consistency:
    Cabbage is crisp and firm.
  • Taste and smell:
    The taste is slightly sour, like smell
  • Color (external and cross section)
    Sauerkraut has a creamy-yellow color. Acid cabbage is a similar color cream-yellow; transparent.

Tradition, the origin and history of the product:

"(...) The material used to produce Charsznicka sauerkraut cabbage is grown on farms headed white cabbage by the local farmers, where is souring. Preparation of material to ferment cabbage, headed white cabbage cultivation which has not changed over the years, from the preparation of seedlings, the care, and finish on the technology for the manual harvest. In the seventies, cabbage farmers grew seedlings on their farms, and its collection proceeded manually. Charsznicka sauerkraut reaches not only to neighboring regions, but also abroad. it was famous in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, East Germany and other countries. In the seventies it won two gold medals at the world sauerkraut exhibition in London , it also enjoyed other success in that time period, which is confirmed by clipping of the article S. Durlej "Pomieszane plany gminne" from 1977. Is stated in the "Wieści" No. 48 (1092), 27 November 1977. on the exhibition in London. The process of fermentation has not changed for generations, tradition and experience passed down from father to son guarantee the great quality. Used in the process of pickling salt is the only additive, by which the fermentation process takes place in an automatic and natural way without the use of artificial enhancers and preservatives. In the "Tourist Guide Miechów County," published in 1972. At p. 17, in addition to information about the various industrial plants, posted is also mentioned about the place where occurred the fermentation process of cabbage . Bruno Rajca in his book "far from Miechowa" (p. 42) says: "Charsznica is the village. You will not find better anywhere in the country specialists who pickling cabbage (...)” " Źródło:

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Health from nature,
no chemical additives
no antioxidants


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Award 2013

It is listed by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Traditional Product.