Sauerkraut Brassica

We offer natural, unpasteurized, fresh sauerkraut from the Polish cabbage capital- Charsznica Municipality in Malopolska. Our Sauerkrautin comes in an innovative bag with no chemical additives, that could alter the taste, destroy natural micro biota and diminish the medicinal properties and vitamin level of the sauerkraut. Produced for centuries using the same traditional methods it is probably the world’s tastiest sauerkraut with amazing healing properties. It is listed by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Traditional Product.


Food quality and safety schemes implemented by the producers of our sauerkraut:

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standard ensures initial safety of the product - system implemented by agricultural units.

Integrated Production (IP)
Integrated Plant Production is a new food quality scheme that makes sustainable use of technological and biological progress in plant cultivation, protection and fertilization and also pays special attention to human health and enviroment protection factors. Participation in the Integrated Plant Production scheme allows obtain healthy food of plant origin with no record of exceeding of acceptable levels of plant protection products and their residues, heavy metals, nitrates or otherinjurious chemicals. The scheme enforced on January 1st 2014, currently being implemented.

The scheme of the safe production of the healthy food was implemented by our souring enterprise, which is a subject to a permanent control by the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

Traditional product of lesser poland voivodeship
To confirm the high and permenent quality of the Charsznicka sauerkraut, our product has been awarded the "Traditional Product of Lesser Poland Voivodeship" certificate and included on the list of traditional products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on November 28th 2006.



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Health from nature,
no chemical additives
no antioxidants


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Award 2013

It is listed by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Traditional Product.