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NIP 5130251720, REGON 368433604, KRS 0000697941
Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa Śródmieścia w Krakowie,
Wydział XII Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego.

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Organic Food

Truly healthy food!
Natural, healthy products without chemicals.

In 2013, the founder of the Brassica company and brand - Grzegorz Raczkiewicz, invented, designed and introduced to the market a revolutionary packaging with a valve for sauerkraut, thanks to which you can buy sauerkraut without chemicals - having all the health and taste qualities.


We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified
We Are Certified

Office For Harmonization
In The Internal Market
No 002421495-0001 on 10.03.2014.


  BRASSICA Raczkiewicz sp.k.

  ul. Krakowska 53, 32-089 Wielka Wieś

  ul. Żarnowiecka 18, 32-250 Charsznica

  e-mail: info (@)

  +48 664 170 073

  NIP: 5130251720, REGON: 368433604   KRS: 0000697941

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